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TV show with cats and birds.

Strap a camera* to a bird(s).
Strap a camera** to a cat(s).

Show 24/7 streaming video, split screen, on the most interesting bird and most interesting cat in the same neighborhood. Viewers can vote on the cat and bird they want to follow the most; the editors can splice in content from other cats and birds as highlights if any great drama occurrs.

Apart from the tantalizing prospect of inevitable conflict, this will also generate very interesting and unique video of the neighborhood; back yards and back alleys, the insides of other people's houses*** and the view from atop telephone poles.

* The technology involved in powering and transmitting I leave up to the engineers.
** The physics of how to keep a camera on a cat I leave up to the scientists
*** The financial and legal issues involved I leave up to the lawyers
-- mylodon, Nov 13 2017

// The physics of how to keep a camera on a cat I leave up to the scientists //

We will be delighted to offer our assistance, free of charge. We have an excellent record of success in permanently* affixing numerous and diverse items to cats, including various types of camera; previous triumphs include fixing a full size glass plate camera complete with black hood, magnesium flash tray and extensible wooden tripod to a long-haired tortoiseshell cat.

*Until decomposition becomes too advanced and the cat loses structural integrity, that is.
-- 8th of 7, Nov 13 2017

I was concerned that you invented Tom and Jerry
-- theircompetitor, Nov 13 2017

Thylvethter and Tweetie-Pie, shirley?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 13 2017

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