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Product: Transport
Cat's Ceiling Cradle   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Allow your cat to roam across the ceiling.

This was thought of by my flatmate (condominium co-resident) who was inspired by my having taught my cat to hunt and eat spiders in the bath.

The idea is to have cradle on the ceiling that allows an athletic quadroped (presumably a cat) to scuttle across the roof upside down and get to the source royal of most household spiders. The cradle would require a frame to be placed on the ceiling to allow two pairs of parallel wires to support the cat as it scuttles, presumably assisted by a computer system that detects, and responds to, movement.

Could also be used to get your pet to help you put Christmas decorations in the winter.
-- Aristotle, Feb 13 2004

Can the cat still crouch?
-- k_sra, Feb 13 2004

I think you would need to keep a tension between the cat and the ceiling so crouching should be possible - the computerisied system would increase the tension on the wires making the cradle more snug during a crouch.
-- Aristotle, Feb 13 2004

Feline wire-fu - I love it! Have a sharpened throwing croissant to aid the beast in its hunting.
-- friendlyfire, Feb 13 2004

Ari, this gives me the creeps! +1 though for getting rid of pests...
-- po, Feb 13 2004

Does it work with mice ?
-- skinflaps, Feb 13 2004

For mice you could leave trays of sticky sugary substances around so they can coat their feet and invert the horizontal alongside the cats ...
-- Aristotle, Feb 14 2004

Get wall to wall + ceiling carpet and them cats can get just about anything that moves.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 14 2004

Or line the ceiling with velcro and make the cat use velcro booties.
-- PauloSargaco, Aug 06 2004

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