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Finding a shoe that fits so that you can where it

I'm an open minded sort, and the Halfbakery is an open minded place. We're all reasonably tolerant, and sometimes unreasonably so.

Often through inattention, inadaquate training or insufficient patience categories are chosen for ideas that are suboptimal. Other times they're just inappropriate.

We're not going to discuss the users that deliberately choose not to use the category choices offered, that's a different issue.

I'm offering a service for those that are uncertain of the category choice they should use, or can't be bothered to choose one for themselves.

For a one time micro payment I will assist you in your choice of category during business hours.

For a subscription fee I will be available 24/7 to support you when the idea strikes.
-- normzone, Oct 30 2014

"Halfbakery: Category: Unwanted"?! - really? I would have chosen "Halfbakery: Category: Search"
-- hippo, Oct 30 2014

I would have chosen Halfbakery:Criticism
-- Sparky the Wonder Dog, Oct 30 2014

I would have chosen other: [general]
-- pocmloc, Oct 30 2014

All this talkin' about choices is givin' me a powerful hankerin' fer a game of Halfbakery Poker.
-- normzone, Oct 30 2014

Where do you recommend I file my furiously sleeping colorless green idea?
-- RayfordSteele, Nov 04 2014

The first one is free, [Rayford]. Try Culture:Language:Logical.
-- normzone, Jan 20 2015

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