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Mobile cat scratchers

The cat(Biggles)consistently wants to tear and scratch the stuffing out of the furniture,a scratching post doesn't particularly work to well,Biggles being a larger over energetic puss likes to climb all over it and knock it over, and this makes it difficult for him to want to use it again.

By cobbling a pair of high length boots intertwined and interwoven in non-oiled Sisal rope,then rubbing catnip right into the rope and a touch of mint, it is now possible to slip them on and sit upon the bespoke Hampshire sofa and Biggles can have a good scratch on my boots instead of the edges.

By rewarding Biggles with cat treats and dangling wool and his other favourite toys out of the top of these boots, I can now walk about the house with the cat following the sweet scent of nepetalactone,whereas he can scratch,leap and cling on and go for a ride and climb from one boot to another.

This would be fun with several cats at once, which are over five months old.(providing you have a pair of work gloves on)
-- skinflaps, Jan 30 2003

Good idea. Milo would probably go for this.

Biggles is a great cat name incidentally.
-- madradish, Jan 30 2003

I know a Russian Blue (Mitya) who is very energetic at times, but his scratch post seems stable enough that it hasn't yet been knocked over. Still, I like this idea.
-- RoboBust, Jan 30 2003

Well presented, and I love the idea of your cat(s) having something to play with while you are not paying particular attention to them. +
-- madness, Jan 30 2003

Maybe make some underwear like that, too.
-- mrthingy, Jan 30 2003

And a hat for the cat to cling onto and admire the view.
-- skinflaps, Jan 30 2003

Why bother with the boots. My cat does this without them.
-- dorayjo, Jan 31 2003

What if they claw legs, just out of force of habit?
-- thumbwax, Jan 31 2003

Somehow, this feels like a very bad idea.... and yet it'd be so entertaining to watch:)
-- Zashera, Dec 07 2006

Cat 1: So what's the deal with those crazy boots on your human, then? I just don't dig this "dressing your pets" thing.
Cat 2: Hey, no. It's not a fashion thing. I've broken him in for riding and the boots are for holding on to. It's not cruel at all. He really enjoys it! You know, gets to spend more time with me and stuff.
Cat 1: Well I don't think it's natural. I mean, training them to open doors and tins and give acupressure massages and things is O.K. but *riding* them?

[skinflaps] strides by, Cat 2 swings himself onto the boots and spurs on his steed with the timely application of claw to buttock.>

Cat 1: Poor animal.
Cat 2: (In the distance) Look at meeeeeee!
-- squeak, Dec 08 2006

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