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To catch the people who stole your car

Have a security system in the car which, when not deactivated, leaks permanant ink slowly through the back of the stearing wheel at 10 and 2 (where the hands are most likely to be).

For added effect it could also spray the ink towards the crotch or stomach to stain the clothes of the driver.

This would mean someone seen getting out of a car would be much more easily recognised by police.
-- miasere, Jan 13 2006

Change the ink to a boxing glove on a spring that delivers a hefty blow straight into the crotch,caught red faced.
-- skinflaps, Jan 13 2006

Caught no-handed...... steering wheel converts to a high speed rip-saw blade, accompanied by manical laughter +
-- xenzag, Jan 13 2006

A tire made from crow feathers rolls over the back of the steering wheel -

Caw-tread handed.
-- normzone, Jan 13 2006

I already have this in my car, except it is black grease, and it is on the side of the passenger seat.
-- bungston, Jan 13 2006

Same security system leaks red dye through the driver's seat. Caught red-assed.
-- PollyNo9, Jan 13 2006

too much of a hastle, if you are in a hurry, you wouldn't want to have to unlock your door, then deativate some sort of system.

But if it was applicable I would have the security system spray a strong spray at the crotch as dye maybe, but have a strong urine and feces smell mixed in, that asorbes into the skin quickly.

Public Humiliation.
-- 7egend, Jan 13 2006

/strong spray at the crotch/ -Pubic humiliation?
-- bungston, Jan 14 2006

7egend, you misspelled hastle. miasere, you misspelled permanent and steering. Sorry, those grated me.

Anyway, what if the thief doesn't put his hands on 10 and 2? Then there's a bunch of ink everywhere, and if it's not running all over the car then it ends up on the real driver's hands if the car gets back to them somehow. And either way, there's going to be permanent red ink all over the interior, which if you ask me is salt in the wound of someone who recovers a stolen car and probably already has other damage to repair already. Your heart's in the right place, but so is this fishbone. [-]
-- disbomber, Jan 14 2006

I gotta fishbone this one too. I like the idea however it would be simpler for the security system to use a GPS tracking system and a way to disable the engine, power windows (if equipped), and the door handles from the inside. That way the theif is trapped while the police are on the way.
-- Jscotty, Jan 14 2006

Jscotty //That way the theif is trapped//.... I trapped an "if " the other day and it's being giving me a lot of bother - does anyone want it?
-- xenzag, Jan 14 2006

Ill have it if it's house trained
-- miasere, Jan 16 2006

[xenzag], Is it the same one that Kipling wrote about? The one that hides heads?
-- Minimal, Jan 16 2006

Wouldn't the red be more obvious to others, and less obvious to the thief if it exuded from the seat cushions? Admittedly, being caught red-backed and buttocked doesn't have such a social stigma...
-- ye_river_xiv, May 11 2008

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