Product: Drink Accessory
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Dunk 'em

This is a handheld plastic celebrity or pop star with a forehead that grips biscuits/cookies, not forgetting graham crackers or the like for dunking.

Hold like a clothes peg with finger and thumb.

Pinch your sweetened dough with the jaw-like forehead then dunk your cookie celeb into a cup of tea, milk, whatever.

-- skinflaps, Jun 20 2006

Like this, just turn it upside down. http://img.photobuc.../lionel_ritchie.jpg
..and dunk. [skinflaps, Jun 20 2006, last modified Jan 11 2007]

-- skinflaps, Jan 11 2007

.... ?
-- theleopard, Jan 11 2007

-- skinflaps, Jan 11 2007

do they make one that looks like George Dubbya but the cookie goes between his butt cheeks? I think I could find solace in shoving cookies in over and over.
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 11 2007

Oreo //Dubbya//
-- skinflaps, Jan 11 2007

I worry about that jhom fella or perhaps not.
-- po, Jan 11 2007

i'd take more satisfaction in shoving them up the REAL G.W.B..
-- deoxyribonucleic, Jan 12 2007

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