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Cell Phone Ring Tone Minimercial   (-1)  [vote for, against]
Your cell phone ring tone is replaced by a commercial

Basically, whenever a phone rings, the ring tone would be replaced by a Minimercial™; a 2-15 second commercial. (Patent Pending)

Users of this service would receive a discount on their phone bill, or free service.
-- grahamhgreen, Oct 02 2003

Or they could make it a ring option on your phone. Of course the other options would include; nails on a chalkboard, tarring Styrofoam, ect. Then people would gladly choose commercials over the other rings.
-- SunTzu, Oct 02 2003

Welcome to the halfbakery, [grahamhgreen].
-- half, Oct 02 2003

I'd choose "Nails on a chalkboard" just so that I could have my own seat on the train!

(Then I'd switch it back to a normal ringtone)
-- phundug, Oct 02 2003

[phundug] I find a simple piece of string placed between the lips and allowed to dangle has the same effect (I don't have a mobile phone).
-- squeak, Oct 02 2003

Hideous, isn't it?
-- grahamhgreen, Oct 02 2003

this is great, another one of those "free something in return for really annoying advertising" plays. nice one [gg].
-- neilp, Oct 02 2003

If theres two of you, you can play a nice little game with this, it's called "how many people can we drive insane today".

Priests and social workers get bonus points, teachers are considerered too easy.
-- TheCoat, Mar 08 2004

Hateful, but brilliant
-- theircompetitor, Mar 08 2004

This is a violation of other people in the trains' rights not to hear free speech. -
-- phundug, Mar 08 2004

Unfortunately, this fails to consider the reason ring tones were a useful function in the first place: not to show off, but rather to be able to identify whose phone was ringing.

Back when I had an Audiovox phone which let me key in my own ring tone, I used the Prince of Denmark March; I don't think I've ever heard that elsewhere. On my current phone I have the opening 12-note pattern from /Starlight Express/.
-- supercat, Mar 08 2004

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