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Cellphone Emergency Fast-Boot   (+10)  [vote for, against]
Sometimes all you need to do is make a call...

Today's multi-function smartphones can take minutes to boot up -- but sometimes, you don't HAVE minutes. If your phone is off and you're having an emergency and need to contact emergency services,, Emergency Fast-Boot would activate a button or on-screen soft-button during the device's boot process that cancels the normal process and launches an expedited, bare-minimum operating system, initializing only the systems necessary for making calls and transmitting location to emergency services. This would boot in seconds, allowing you quick access to what you are most likely to need in an emergency. This mode could also be enabled if the phone reaches critical battery status.
-- -----, Apr 29 2010

You must have a Blackberry. (+)
-- MisterQED, Apr 29 2010

Point for 21... I have a Moto Droid.
-- -----, Apr 29 2010

I love my Droid, and it is slow, but I swear BB take even longer.
-- MisterQED, Apr 30 2010

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