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Safety first

Sometimes our technological reflexes get the better of us, which can lead to tragic, unnecessary injuries. See [MaxwellBuchanan]'s anno at the link.

This iron and ironing board set are de rigueur for the extreme ironing set.

When you're creasing that collar, and the phone rings, simply thumb the [Answer] button on the iron, and the caller can be heard in stereo through the speakers set into the ironing board.

The microphone pickup in the iron is sufficiently sensitive that you will not need to lift the iron to your face, although the sound of the starch hissing may annoy the person on the other end of the line.
-- normzone, Jun 21 2010

Credit where credit is due Coffee_20Thermos_20...a_20Digital_20Clock
[normzone, Jun 21 2010]

I'll only give a bun if the stereo amplification uses a steam powered auxetophone :)
-- goldbb, Jun 21 2010

I have to applaud the *iron*-y. (+)
-- jurist, Jun 22 2010

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