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Vehicle: Car: Wash
Central Vacuum for the Car.   (+7)  [vote for, against]
With several plug-in ports for the hose, this versatile tool can shorten the messup to sweepup time.

The car can have an externally mounted, switchable, and motorized impeller. An alternative would be an air powered impeller that is powered by the airflow around the car -- this could be filtered or bagged; I doubt if a direct discharge of swept up material into the street would be advisable.

¯Alphaman: Thanks for the imagery. I'd suggest a tool rigged for two-handed operation. In addition, if you see a car that appears to be occupied by pigs fighting over a box of milk duds, steer clear.
-- reensure, Oct 23 2002

This has filled my mind with images of some idiot trying to get crumbs out of the footwell at the same time as driving along a motorway at 70mph. Definite need for moron-proof safety label.
-- Alphaman, Oct 23 2002

Could you hook it up to a turbo air intake with removable dust bag before the air filter, or to ventilation fans running backwards?
-- FarmerJohn, Oct 23 2002

I'm starting to fear this thing could suck up a couple of the kids and the pet as well.
-- blissmiss, Oct 23 2002

Useful for siphoning the gas out of the tank of the car parked next to you.
-- phoenix, Oct 23 2002

"Be careful with that accelerator, dear..." *WHOOOSH*
-- BinaryCookies, Oct 23 2002

I love this. If the car is in neutral, you could have a 150 hp vacuum.

Good thinking. Croissant.
-- bulgy bear, Oct 23 2002

<Vacuum packed croisant>

I not only want this, I need it for my work truck. Laughed out loud when I pictured the rear bumper exhaust port venting the catch bags contents, coupled with any of the anti-tailgateing devices which have been posted lately.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 23 2002

Moving a bit further with this, if the suction hose was long enough and was equipped for wet/dry operation the addition of a powerhead with rotating brushes would enable anyone to stop and clean away road grime from a window or to shampoo the upholstery or carpet. Providing an installed water source could necessitate another fluid reservoir under the hood.
-- reensure, Oct 24 2002

As they say where I come from: Awesome!

If properly installed in my fiance's car, a drive through one of the exclusive neighborhoods around here would result in all matter of stuff finding its way to the roadside: Lego soccer game pieces, junior-trivia cards, unused plastic straws, melted crayons, junk mail, twisted pipecleaners, candy wrappers, a desiccated peanut butter cup, empty plastic water bottles, paper napkins, pennies, ponytail fasteners, parking garage receipts, sketchpads, finger-operated mini snowboards, teddy bear sunglasses ...

I could go on. Please don't let me.
-- 1percent, Oct 24 2002

[1percent] said the "P.F." word.
-- blissmiss, Oct 25 2002

I'd prefer to fit everyone coming into our minivan with a hermetically sealed body bag - in the which they could bring all sorts of goodies with them with no danger of spillage to my precious minivan. Eventually they'd get the idea and there wouldn't be any need for such a vacuum.

Of course the dead bodies that would result from long trips without an air-break could be an inconvenience.
-- davea0511, Oct 25 2002

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