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Something interesting to read on food packaging

When bored and alone, what better way to pass time between mouthfuls than to read the rubbish written on many food packages. I know I'm not the only one that does this, since I have witnessed another doing similarly.

Some packets have recipe suggestions, but what is needed is a proper meaty piece of interesting text - like an introduction to Special Relativity or a short article on the musings of a particular philosipher. The lectures would have to be written in such a way that anyone with some amount of brain can understand easily what is going on and will remain interested. This will normally require keeping maths to a minimum (not in a Maths lecture).

On cereal packets and similar foods, the lectures can be given in several parts, each just long enough for most readers to get through in the time it takes to eat a bowl of cereal, and the number of parts dependent on the average size of a bowl.
-- TomP, Nov 29 2012

Dr Bronner's pure castile soap and philosophy http://4.bp.blogspo...s1600/soaplabel.png
It's good soap. Not so great ravings. [BunsenHoneydew, Dec 06 2012]

There is a sort of zen leaning over a bowl of cereal spooning mouthfulls of sop while looking at a cereal box.
-- rcarty, Nov 29 2012

I recently bought some maple syrup made in a nearby town and there was a (personal) story about the man who made it. He told of how he started making syrup as a child up until the present where now he owns several sugar houses and makes other maple products. I found it interesting. I'm not sure if I'd like to read a lecture in parts.
-- xandram, Nov 29 2012

To make it more interesting, write most of the lecture on the box and print the finale (or answer to the mystery, perhaps), on a slip of paper inside the box.
-- phundug, Nov 29 2012

Today's lecture is: "How to Avoid throwing up when you find a wayward pubic hair in your cereal" We've even included one in this very pack for added realism, and to see if you've been paying attention.
-- xenzag, Nov 29 2012

I just noted that the title says *lecures*...liquors? Or Le Cures.
-- xandram, Nov 29 2012

A Lecure is a Lecture after you have put whisky instead of milk on your sh.. sh... sheerl.
-- pocmloc, Nov 29 2012

//Serial lectures//

Ooooh... how did I miss that one?
-- TomP, Dec 01 2012

I really like this. I would read them. It might even make me more likely to buy a certain brand over another. A bun for your cereal, TomP. +
-- blissmiss, Dec 01 2012

Sounds a lot like 12.5 kg of Education. And Lt-Frankly I preferred that one.
-- 4whom, Dec 03 2012

Who's Lt. Frankly?
-- TomP, Dec 04 2012

Added bonus is that your products would have to come, not only in different flavor, but now in different reading levels. That means more shelf space, which means more sales.
-- Kansan101, Dec 06 2012

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