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Remember tape recording answering machines?

They were great. They would answer your phone for you, and you could hear the message AS IT WAS BEING RECORDED. It was a great feature, you could just pick up the phone and get the person on the line. You could also screen calls. There is no reason this couldn't be buiit into cell phones. The voice mail would still be saved on a remote server, but the message would be herd over the cell phones speakerphone LIVE. You would then have an option pick up the call and talk to the person. This would bring back the messages like "pick up the phone, I know your there, pick up the phone, commmmmon, pick up, . . . pick up the phone!"
-- evilpenguin, Nov 01 2007

i like!
-- Arcanus, Jun 05 2009

Would the tape click into the back of the cell phone?
-- bungston, Jun 05 2009

My phone has a call screening feature, but I don't know how many others do.
-- phoenix, Jun 05 2009

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