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Crossover Reality TV

Lawrence Llewellen-Bowen, Carol Smilie, Handy Andy and Linda Whatsername find 2 car enthusiasts, swap keys, and make all kinds of hideous bodywork accoutrements (probably out of MDF) such as spoilers and sideskirts. Engines are possibly re-engineered (cylinder heads on Linda's car painted in flowers and stripes I expect) and Handy Andy's speciality is converting cars into soft-tops using only an angle grinder, some old tent material, a piano hinge and some velcro.

At the end of the program the teams are handed their keys back, and we all laugh as they try desperately not to cry...
-- kmlabs, Apr 08 2005

Wooden car accessories http://www.killsome...e.asp?Type=3&ID=199
Who said wood doesn't go on cars? =) [kmlabs, Apr 08 2005]

surprised you didn't call it "Pimp my Ride"
-- po, Apr 08 2005

Yeah, but it's a crossover between Changing Rooms and Pimp My Ride...

Reading my post again, I didn't make it clear - 2 cars, 2 teams - each team works on the other's car (like in Changing Rooms)... sorry.
-- kmlabs, Apr 08 2005

FYI: The U.S. version of "Changing Rooms" is called "Trading Spaces".
-- krelnik, Apr 08 2005

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