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I just discovered this category and thought I would try and invent a scam on the spot

Ha! Got one. Near my work is a vacant lot that is soon to be a building site. People in the area have taken to parking their cars there as there don't seem to be any restrictions. What if an devious individual get there really early, wearing a yellow safty vest, and started charging cars $10 for all day parking? Nobody would know that you don't own the site, and they probably wouldn't care.
-- simonj, Dec 20 2007

Charge for free parking
First hit from Google with "free parking scam" as a search term [Jinbish, Dec 20 2007]

I'll turn up as a fake policeman and shut down your fake parking attendant scam and demand that you pay a hefty on-the-spot fine too (Yes I know - someone else is going to turn up as an even faker policeman and arrest me for impersonating a police officer).
-- hippo, Dec 20 2007

This has been baked, at least in Chicago, for years ... mosly at sporting events and on every scale from small to quite large. "parking scam chicago" has so many hits on google I am having trouble locating any of the specific instances I remember, so no link at this time ...
-- batou, Dec 20 2007

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