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Stilton and port centrepiece

I've been to many corporate functions with an ice sculpture as the centrepiece, an architect's new building to celebrate winning the contract, or the leaping Jaguar at a car launch, you know the sort of thing. They usually have a channel inside so that you can pour vodka through it and have it reappear directly into someone's mouth, chilled, from a spout at the bottom. This usually ends up with an extremely drunk bunch of young executives.

For the more sophisticated soiree, why not make the sculpture out of stilton and pour port through it. This can be dispensed into small port glasses after the meal which you can then drink at your leisure. The port will have a hint of that Stilton tang, and if the Stilton is any good it will have been steeped in port for a good while beforehand anyway. The sculpture will be beautifully marbled with blue veins (can be inlaid with Red Leicester for the adventurous). Devour the sculpture with Jacob's cream crackers as you sip your port.
-- wagster, Oct 11 2004

A couple of regular cheese sculptures
I suspected such things might exist ... [Aristotle, Oct 11 2004]

totally baked [AzuriteT3, Feb 24 2010]

<squeak>yum mmmmm </squeak>
-- po, Oct 11 2004

A giant panda sculpted from Brie; Give me a couple boxes of crackers, and call me in a day or so! Mmmm.
-- blissmiss, Oct 11 2004

black eyes?
-- po, Oct 11 2004

Inlaid with black cheese-wrapping wax?
-- wagster, Oct 11 2004

ripe olives?
-- blissmiss, Oct 11 2004

waste of port

waste of stilton


-- pocmloc, Feb 25 2010

This idea is disrespectful of cheese.
-- mouseposture, Feb 27 2010

any tendency to bun this would be proportional to distance from the object and also involve wind direction.

but baked anyways: 17,600 Google hits for "cheese sculpture".
-- FlyingToaster, Feb 27 2010

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