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Chewable Computer   (+5)  [vote for, against]
Inflatable, water resistant etc...

When I was young you used to be able to get inflatable books that not matter what you did to them, chew them etc, they didnt get wrecked.

So I propose a similar idea for computers: inflatable ones that you can chew at as some kind of stress toy type thing.
-- imagooAJ, Nov 04 2000

If you've got a rat-infested basement, my guess is that computers probably wouldn't be your biggest concern.....
-- BigThor, Nov 06 2000

Better yet, use the chewing as input to the computer. (Even more fun than imagining cyanide suicide teeth.)
-- hello_c, Nov 07 2000

Dog rule, "If I've ever seen it before -- it's mine!"
-- reensure, Nov 08 2000

Apple flavoured, perhaps with a Cherry keyboard?
-- jondron, Mar 03 2001

Apple would sue, or better yet, pitch this idea to them. They'd be the forrunners of the technoledgy!
-- arc, Mar 09 2001

In our office they'd all have slow punctures, and everyone would sit with arms folded waiting for system support to come round and blow them up again.
-- pawnpusher, Jul 15 2001

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