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Chick Flops   (+5)  [vote for, against]
Better than wasps in a glove compartment?

Whilst sitting upon a farmyard fence sometime ago, it was interesting to observe how the chickens from the coop, darted around nodding in a peculiar eccentric manner to the music I was enjoying.

l was listening to a extremely good trance track with a *little drum and base* thrown in on my CD walkman.

With the permission of the chickens, place suitably fitting flip flops on their feet and vocal sets upon their heads.

These flip flops contain small pressure pads upon the soles, same functionality as a drum pad.(However, wireless straight through to a mixing desk.) Ergonomic wireless headsets with fluffyball microphones are placed upon the chickens.

By setting up the mixing desk and speaker system to my desired "flange, Umpth, wah, xxx bass, cluck, twang, wah and snare, etc" I can now mix the chickens flip flops and audible "clucks" as they dart around the farmyard, transforming this into a farmyard chicken trance party, from the comfort of my makeshift DJ farmyard haystack corner.

And when feeling really artistic, form the square with your hands as if creating a music video shot and swing your hips(with a little enthusiastic jolting head nod}

Chicken Disco has been created.
-- skinflaps, Jan 22 2005

Flip flops http://www.surfwear...ages/creamsicle.jpg
(I know you know what they are. just add the above) [skinflaps, Jan 22 2005]

(?) Disco Duck - the nadir of disco music http://www.geocitie...p/d/disco_duck.html
[robinism, Jan 23 2005] [JungFrankenstein, Jan 23 2005]

You and your chickens could easily do better than "Disco Duck." (see link)
-- robinism, Jan 23 2005

"Disco Duck" is cool, however I've never come across a duck drumstick.
-- skinflaps, Jan 23 2005

I dunno, there's something to be said for wasps in the glove compartment.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 23 2005

Philo T. Farnsworth rides again!
-- JungFrankenstein, Jan 23 2005

There's more to be found in the farmyard than I could possibly ever imagine [JungFrankenstein]
-- skinflaps, Jan 24 2005

"I'll take daffy-nitions for $1000, Alex"
"Chick Flops."
"What are movies your girlfriend insists on going to that it turns out you like more than she does?"
"Correct, you have $1000."
-- phundug, Jan 24 2005

Now you owe it to us not to die in obscurity. So get Crackin!
-- JungFrankenstein, Jan 24 2005

What's with all the animal-related music ideas, [skinflaps]? Too much discovery channel lately?
-- Pericles, Jan 26 2005

<some 12 months late on reply> Nope, don't watch much tv[Pericles]
-- skinflaps, Jan 04 2006

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