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Child Scooter Relay   (+10)  [vote for, against]
adult-powered, child-steered

Each team has one scooter-borne child and a number of adults.

Each adult may only move within a marked-off section of track, a few metres long.

These sections do not overlap, but are separated by long adultless sections, preferably straight.

Each adult in turn takes hold of the front of the scooter, runs a few steps to get up speed, then launches it, child and all, towards the next adult.

The child tries to stay on and steer. The child is allowed to push if they run out of power before reaching the next adult.
-- pertinax, Jun 06 2011

Scooter Butters http://www.hardlyri...k/album%20page1.htm
A very pleasant group of fellows. [Twizz, Jun 07 2011]

It's scarcely believable that this isn't already an Olympic event.
-- hippo, Jun 06 2011

I thought it was already!
-- pocmloc, Jun 06 2011

// launches it, child and all, towards the next adult //

Please provide more detail on the design of the trebuchet used.
-- 8th of 7, Jun 06 2011

I should add that the team is disqualified if their child doesn't cross the finish line with a big grin. A terrified rictus doesn't count.
-- pertinax, Jun 06 2011

This is actually going to be the main component of the opening ceremony for the 2012 games. Seb Coe is spearheading the fundraising campaign to raise money to but the scooters.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 06 2011

How expensive is scooter-butting?
-- pocmloc, Jun 06 2011

Scooter butting was, until recently, outlawed under the 1698 butting act.

Because of this, all scooter butting was carried out in back street establishments and experienced butters tend to be associated with the criminal fraternity.

Would the winning child be tested for botox?
-- Twizz, Jun 07 2011

Scooter-butting, while outlawed in 1698, remains the last direct remnant of the olde traditional sport of jousting, in which opposing knights errant face one another on Brighton promenade, astride their trusty Lambos. They each accelerate towards one another with the aim of delivering one critical head butt that will unseat the other rider and leave them ensprawled upon the tarmac to be picked up by the local ambulance service and hence to A&E.
-- zen_tom, Jun 07 2011

Since the group has disbanded, it is probably now safe to mention the hardcore scooter-butters who used stripped-down Vespas and fought without the benefit of headgear. Some of the former members are believed to be associated with the Hardly Rideable Scooter Club (Link).
-- Twizz, Jun 07 2011

Sounds like the cycling madison, with cyclists tagging in their partner with a hand-sling. Best cycling race there is, that one.
-- theleopard, Jun 07 2011

Gosh, I enjoyed this idea. But, it brought to mind a Vernonesque-flintstone mobile (Pebbles' scootching ina 'bam-bamlev-bumper car').
-- Sir_Misspeller, Jun 07 2011

Child Scooter Rugby.
-- normzone, Jun 07 2011

In Custard.
-- 8th of 7, Jun 07 2011

Slalom course with cones for the more advanced kids.
-- RayfordSteele, Jun 07 2011

I just realized, the sub-title should have been "It takes a village to race a child"... maybe.
-- pertinax, Jun 09 2011

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