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Chiming clock wind turbine   (+3, -1)  [vote for, against]
Tells the time, generates electricity, makes a loud chime every hour

A wind turbine is made with three blades, which are geared to each other in a 60:1 ratio. The longest rotates once per minute, the middle length once per hour and the shortest (just a stub really with no aerodynamic effect) twice per day.

The generator synchronises with the 50hz grid so that the blades always turn at the same speed. The blades feather so as to turn the same no matter the wind speed. If the wind drops too low then the generator runs as a motor drawing electricity from the grid.

Every hour, a very loud chime is sounded on an enormous tubular bell which is suspended within and fills the tower.
-- pocmloc, Jun 10 2020

Could this newfangled device be substituted for Big Ben? With three functions to BB's two it is therefore more useful.
-- whatrock, Jun 10 2020

All the hot air would make it run too fast
-- pocmloc, Jun 10 2020

The ornate one in the middle of the wind turbine field.
-- wjt, Jun 14 2020

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