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Product: Clock: Chime
Chinese Water Torture Clock   (+3, -1)  [vote for, against]
Slightly Civilised Torture...

Similar to my Drums-Tick idea, only each tick has the sound of a drip of water. This way, not only can the prisoner be tortured endlessly, they can know how much endlessness has passed. The hour chimes could also possibly be the noise of a waterfall, to add to the "Oh my God I really really need a piss" factor.
-- quaero curvus, Aug 13 2005

mp3 Clock MP3_20Clock
I guess you could replace the ticks, too. [DrCurry, Aug 13 2005]

I like the idea but I would probably prefer it as a watery egg timer. I'll bun this but only if you promise not to make any more "it's a clock, but it makes this noise" ideas.
-- hidden truths, Aug 13 2005

I'm all done with the clock ideas. Well, I could think of more, but they'd be even more pointless than these two, so I won't
-- quaero curvus, Aug 13 2005

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