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Chocolat automatique   (+11)  [vote for, against]
Chocolate fondue kit sold from a vending machine

Kit consists of a thick bar of milk chocolate in a shallow, microwave-safe plastic tub. Toothpicks included. You bring the fruit. Your coworkers drool while you dip chunks of orange, strawberry, and apple in the hot, rich chocolate. Stir in a handful of raisins and then spread them out to dry on last week's TPS report.
-- luxlucet, May 08 2006

Nice for hotels too.

<obligatory> "Who knew hookers liked chocolate so much?!" <o>
-- Letsbuildafort, May 08 2006

Yum, juxtaposition of drabness and luxury.
Offer a dark chocolate option, please.
In practical terms, where do you get fresh, luscious strawberries at 3am? The chocolate's not the hard part!
-- jutta, May 08 2006

//In practical terms, where do you get fresh, luscious strawberries at 3am?//

I say it should be option 5B on the vending machine. The machine can be refridgerated and replenished weekly.
-- Jinbish, May 08 2006

Visualizing a chocolate fountain enclosed in a glass front vending machine cabinet. Flowing chocolate falls through a mesh ramp/conveyor. Purchased fruit, etc. is dispensed down the ramp, enrobed with chocolate as a result, dropped in a muffin paper or similar and dispensed to the customer while warm and gooey on the outside luscious, cool and juicy on the inside. Could be messy to eat, but entertaining.
-- half, May 08 2006

Oh, drool!
-- jutta, May 08 2006

Your croissant is covered in chocolate.
-- dbmag9, Sep 02 2006

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