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Miniature Chocolate Fish and Croissants

Sold in packs of 20, with ten fish and ten croissants. Each time you get a vote in the halfbakery, have a mini treat, if you feel like it.

I'd prefer them to be solid plain chocolate, but I'm not adverse to variations.

If you were feeling really cocky, you could order the croissant heavy version (5 fish, 15 buns). Conversely, if you weren't confident in your current batch of fresh baked ideas, go for the fish heavy pack.
-- Fishrat, Dec 12 2003

Chocolate croissants http://www.toymobil...s/choccroissant.jpg
they don't actually look that tasty... [k_sra, Oct 05 2004]

Chocolate Fish http://store.yahoo....sarris/fish1oz.html
[DrCurry, Oct 05 2004]

More Chocolate Fish http://store.yahoo....e/choctropfis5.html
Very colorful, too, these ones. [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004]

Chocolate Moons http://www.moonstru...?catid=2&prodid=483
These ones have faces, but if we can find plain ones, then I think we'll have what we're looking for to go with the fish. [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004]

Half Baked Ice Cream http://www.benandje...s.cfm?product_id=42
Looking for chocolate phish, I found half-baked ice cream instead. [Fishrat, Oct 05 2004]

Phat Bass http://buzzfox.com/bu-phatbass.html
Too many maggots methinks! [gnomethang, Oct 05 2004]

Support for the insanity assertion http://members.trip...alf_crazy/plush.htm
[half, Oct 05 2004]

mini-chewers? yum..
-- po, Dec 12 2003

Why do the fish and croissants taste the same? I think it is only fair that the croissants are good tasting and the fish are bad... and there needs to be a service that will send someone to your house and force you to eat your fish... Maybe it could be a condition of signing up for an account on the halfbakery
-- luecke, Dec 12 2003

So it's chocolate then?
-- k_sra, Dec 12 2003

//Extra fish in Newbie Packs//

.....and relics get croissants no matter what, and trolls get their orders filtered?
-- lintkeeper2, Dec 12 2003

ta, po! I am more subtle!
-- po, Dec 12 2003

[po], bless you. But you know that subtle never works with the likes of me!
-- Fishrat, Dec 12 2003

Cheap gummy fish and quality white chocolate croissants might be appropriate. This idea would be easy to bake.
-- jackottabox, Dec 12 2003

"What's wrong, farmer?"
"Cccccaaaann't tttyppppee/'. Tttootooo mumumuuccch cccaafffeeeiiinee.,."
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 12 2003

As a Halfbakery new-bee, I have a large stash of kipper snacks in my desk here at work....
-- normzone, Dec 12 2003

Asian children eat little dried sardines as snacks. In fact, you can buy a little bag of these with slivers of almonds. Changing the almonds to croissants should be simple!
-- phundug, Dec 12 2003

<oblig>Chocolate Starfish. Heh.!Heh Heh!</oblig>
-- gnomethang, Dec 12 2003

I don't get it.
-- k_sra, Dec 12 2003

Daaaaa!! K sra those chocolate croissants don't look very good at all. I like the idea but let's please not use the croissants in the link as inspiration. +
-- sartep, Dec 12 2003

DrC you've found the fish! [link] If we can package them with very similar style croissants, that'll be what I envisaged.
-- Fishrat, Dec 13 2003

I don't think it would be a hugely complex task to make a custom candy mold. Go forth and bake.
-- half, Dec 13 2003

Or rather, melt.
-- Fishrat, Dec 13 2003

I thought that would be to obvious. :-)

If you can carve, you could make the positive shapes of wood then have a plastics fabricator vacuum form appropriate material over them to make a negative mold.
-- half, Dec 13 2003

Look'e here for strange. I suddenly remembered that Ben and Jerry do a Phish Food flavour ice-cream with chocolate fish inside. I hunted for it on their website, but stumbled instead on "Half-Baked" Ice Cream. [see link]

So, ironically, if anyone invents half-baked ice cream in the [halfbakery:merchandise] section... it's baked.
-- Fishrat, Dec 13 2003

//Phish Food flavour ice-cream //

Is that like Phat Bass on some guitar pedals??
-- gnomethang, Dec 13 2003

Phuck knows.
-- Fishrat, Dec 13 2003

You could at least be polite and spell it PHUQ! <g>. Or do you not give a Wradz? + for the idea by the way.
-- gnomethang, Dec 13 2003

[half] I've never carved, but I feel a project coming on. I'll send you the first box, although you may have to sign a disclaimer first.
-- Fishrat, Dec 15 2003

Okay. But, no sane person would ever actually bring one of these halfbakery:merchandise ideas to fruition. (And I can prove it.)
-- half, Dec 15 2003

Right. That's why us insane ones are here.
-- thumbwax, Dec 15 2003

I'm in Spain?
-- Fishrat, Dec 15 2003

Right here, around my plush half-croissant. It feels like it's stuffed with chocolate fish.
-- half, Dec 15 2003

that will teach you to stuff your plush down your pants to impress the girls!
-- po, Dec 15 2003

Angouleme, France, does not seem able to make up its mind whether its local snack is chocolate-stuffed croissants, or snail-stuffed croissants. I think it may actually be chocolate, but if the Angoulemers (-emmetes?) see a chance of witnessing the American spit-the-food-across-the-room reaction, just as your teeth sink in, they will tell you it is snails.
-- Dood, May 25 2006

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