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Cars would be fitted with a mag stripe reader connected to the cars computer. The insurance company would issue the driver an insurance card with a mag stipe programmed according to the car owners choice. -a low insurance rate would limit the user to 105kph (that's 60mph fer all u yanks) -a medium rate would allow 120kph -and an astronomical rate would allow an unlimited maximum speed. -this would also keep ppl from driving without insurance.
-- WhiteWiz, Mar 01 2004

kph mph conversion
more like 65, yanks [FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004]

WhiteWiz -- this already happens, by virtue of the fact that your insurance premium goes up after you get a speeding ticket
-- theircompetitor, Mar 01 2004

fish. Speed limits are defined for the safety of all road users and take into consideration the road surface, road width, distance from schools and housing.

No one should be able to have the right to exceed these limitations. They might kill themselves .... worse, they could kill others.
-- jonthegeologist, Mar 02 2004

If you're limited to 50 mph and other people are driving at 80 mph, then it's going to be more dangerous for everyone than if you had a uniform limit of 60 mph and everyone drove at nearly the same speed.
-- kropotkin, Mar 02 2004

Of course, if you're going to fit a speed limiting device to every car on the road (I assume you'd have to for this idea to work), you could just limit the speed of every car to suit road conditions/speed limit. To the benefit of everyone (not just rich drivers).
-- Frankx, Mar 02 2004

I don't see how this stops ppl from driving without insurance. Maybe you ommitted to state that no insurance limits you to 0kmph? Either way it's still flawed for a multitude of other reasons.
-- mrwyse, Mar 02 2004

Many cars already have speed limiters set by the manufacterer (eg VW corrado is set to 165 mph) I fail to see how NO upper speed limit (current situation) is safer than an upper limit set by your insurance company. The idea behind letting the Insurance Co. set the limit is so ppl don't complain that they CAN'T go as fast as they could before, they can, it'll just cost more and be a deterrent. I would hope the lowest max would actually lower your car insurance rate as the ins co. knows for absolute sure you arn't speeding. I don't propose we do away with current speed limits, but realisticly many people exceed these. If we limited the speed of every car to 55mph there would be public outrage and ppl would put effort into disabling these devices.
-- WhiteWiz, Mar 02 2004

This would only keep you from speeding on the freeways. You could still speed on back roads where the limit is lower.

I've driven with fast drivers and slow drivers, and I've noticed that the slow drivers on fast roads cause almost as many problems as the fast drivers on slow roads by inducing road rage in those that have to go around them. This system will, as UnaBubba stated, create a system where the rich will be able to drive too fast, and the rest of us will have to crawl along.
-- Freefall, Mar 02 2004

i'm sorry that my solution only cost-effectively solves 2 problems and not all problems. I'm sorry it's doesn't involve trained monkeys or rely on having at least 6 mega-flops of processing power. i'm sorry that it requires ppl to look at what they are getting instead of what they arn't. Ok we'll just cap everyone at 55mph... then we'll rent Freefall a Ferrari and take him to the Autobaun where he could only drive 55 on a road that has NO SPEED LIMIT. probubly safer since he's only 12 anyway...
-- WhiteWiz, Mar 03 2004

[kropotkin] - technically, you are correct. However, IMO, this is disingenious reasoning ("Why thank you!"). Indeed, there is a greater probability of a crash involving the non- speeding driver. However, in the event of any collision with another car or pedestrian, if you're speeding, the consequences will be much worse because of the higher speed involved.
-- Detly, Mar 03 2004

[WhiteWiz] if found this "ou", i think it's yours. also, i have an " eo e" you may need.
-- stilgar, Jun 15 2004

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