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When you smoke, you smoke.

Drift tires that smell like someone smoking a cigarette when you spin the tires on dry pavement. Very intense smell, but non-addictive as there's no embedded nicotine.
-- Amishman35, Sep 06 2006

-- methinksnot, Sep 06 2006

-- zeno, Sep 06 2006

Cause It's Amishman, and he can?
-- blissmiss, Sep 06 2006

Would these be tobacco tires?

I'd like to "drift" whoever came up with drift tires. If you need that kind of thrill don't do it on my roads; go to an amusement park. A car shouldn't be an extension of/substitute for a penis. <puts rant away>
-- Canuck, Sep 06 2006

<i>A car shouldn't be an extension of/substitute for a penis.</i>

Nor should a foreign policy.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 06 2006

Sorry, I feel compelled to bone any idea that encourages the addition of burned-cigarette-smell to the atmosphere in any way, shape or form.
-- Freefall, Sep 06 2006

It's non-addictive because it smells so bad...
-- BJS, Sep 07 2006

I actually prefer the smell of burning rubber to that of tobacco. Which says a lot for my opinion of cigarettes.

(and if I may engage in pedantry, [Canuck], there's really no such thing as "drift tires"--drifters just use normal road tires, either cheap budget ones or high-performance race tires, depending on budget. A single drift session will literally tear the tread off of any kind of tires, so they have to replaced frequently)
-- 5th Earth, Sep 07 2006

Thanks, [5th] but I was merely repeating the words used by [Amishman35] to describe the type of tires, so next time please aim your pedantry at the correct source. You almost took my eye out with that one.
-- Canuck, Sep 08 2006

[5th]. I kind of like the smell of burning tobacco. Which is nothing like the smell of burning cigarettes or most cigars.

Some pipe tobacco and a few of the most exclusive cigars come close.

Cigarettes smell like a trash fire at a chemical refinery.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 09 2006

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