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Snowy slopes become immense IMAX

I recently sat in an outdoor hot tub in the mountains, facing a huge sloping valley-end. With a movie projector this would have become a wonderful outdoor cinema. Advantages : Huge projection area, curved around for maximal immersion; Low oxygen at high altitude might ameliorate some films; Possible Disadvantages: Films with a heavy soundtrack might sweep audiences away
-- loonquawl, Mar 19 2009

Used to play a bit of this on the BBC from time to time, think it was showjumping? [eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 19 2009]

Rick Wakeman http://en.wikipedia...i/White_Rock_(film)
Progtastic [eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 19 2009]

From the title I was thinking something along the lines of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Cinnamonmountain.
Careful what you project or the mountain could get a broke back.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 19 2009

A short lived idea, as snow won't be about much longer.
-- eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 19 2009

Then we just paint the mountain white. With the added bonus that the heightened albedo year-round would help reduce global warming.
-- Veho, Mar 19 2009

You're gonna need a big light!
-- phoenix, Mar 19 2009

There's a really good IMAX about Everest that I haven't seen yet. Would like to watch it here. + Lots of things would have to be worked out to get this right. Snow has a pretty coarse texture, and it changes with the conditions. Not to mention the whole "avalanche eats film crowd" scenario that you touched upon.
-- daseva, Mar 19 2009

Odd I was thinking The Sound of Music and/or the winter scene in Dr. Zhivago.

I like the idea but it sounds kind of like a Dr. Curry idea I think. I'll go snoop around.
-- blissmiss, Mar 19 2009

Painting your mountains will really piss off Vangelis, that whole album will need redoing [link].

I think you should show 'White Rock' on the opening night [link].
-- eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 19 2009

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