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Circuit Board Jigsaw Puzzle   (+6)  [vote for, against]
Make more than just pictures.

Pieces can be big enough to fit watch batteries inside, lights, buttons or anything else you would expect from an electronic device. One piece could even fit a port to a DC connector. Make a radio or a theremin. Collect them all.

There’s even a way to have a jigsaw on a circuit board so you can have a jigsaw puzzle jigsaw to make more jigsaw puzzles. [see link below]
-- sartep, Aug 01 2003

(???) Electronic Snap Circuits
Simular, but using snap closures rather than blocks. [James Newton, Jul 27 2006]

So this is like electronic Legos?
-- DeathNinja, Aug 01 2003

Good idea in general, but how do the connectors work between the pieces? Link was broken, for me.
-- James Newton, Jul 27 2006

You're right, the link was broken. I was figuring that pieces could be shaped so that some small piece of them ovelaps another piece so as long as the whole puzzle was flat, the connections could be made.
-- sartep, Jul 27 2006

A disappointed [+]... I just wrote up a similar idea, didn't find it on Google, and began dreaming of big, flakey croissants. Then I found that YOU, sartep, had already posted it... Beat to the punch yet again!

Oh well, I hope 2011 will bring the idea more buns. 3?
-- swimswim, Oct 09 2011

4. [+] Truly, this is the Year of the Bun.
-- Alterother, Oct 09 2011

When the last piece of the puzzle is put in its spot, the circuit is connected and the puzzle player is given a painful shock. He/she convulses wildly, shaking the table and returning the puzzle to its original disassembled state. (This is the car-battery version, of course, not the watch-battery version.)
-- swimswim, Oct 10 2011

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