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Heat transfer liquid keeps feet warm

My feet get really cold in snowy weather, despite wearing insulated boots. So I came up with this idea. An insert, like a cushion insole is worn between the sole of the foot and the boot. Inside this insole are tiny capilary tubes with one way valves and an expansion chamber in the heel. When you step, the weight of your body compresses the expansion joint casuing the liquid inside the tubes to pump toward the toes. There are two small tubes that come from the insole, one in and one out. The liquid from the foot pad goes upward toward a warming belt worn around the belly area close to the skin. Here, the liquid picks up body heat and then returns to the insoles, thus carrying wamer liquid back to the feet. In really severe cold, a small side or back pack could be worn in which a warming chamber "heat exchanger" is heated by either chemical wamer packets or even a liquid fuel fired "smolder" chamber much like the insert glove warmers sold for waming hands. A small thermostat like device would control the heat temp returning to the feet so as not to get feet so warm they sweat. I invision a set of gloves similarly heated. As long as you are moving, working, walking, the feet/hands would stay warm.
-- Blisterbob, Oct 07 2005

Being a woman with notoriously cold feet I think this sound pretty good. But I think it might just be worth it to always have the heating pack, perhaps with a tiny mounted pump that would continue to circulate the warmed liquid even when you have to stand outside without moving for a while. I think I would buy one. Or rather hubby would buy one for me.
-- PollyNo9, Oct 07 2005

Smart move, you'll get buns from everyone who suffers from cold feet. [+]
-- wagster, Oct 07 2005

yep, hate cold feet.
-- po, Oct 07 2005

I’ve been thinking about a similar method of using body heat to keep my camera / battery from freezing. An external connection to this might do the trick. I like the foot pump circulation mechanism.
-- Shz, Oct 07 2005

i want to commit to bunning this but... i'm just having doubts is all...
-- schmendrick, Oct 07 2005

well i'm commited. (+)
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 08 2005

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