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Animals, in the round

A series of city roundabouts, each with its own species of wildlife, only entrapped by the constant rotation of the cars*.

Visit the Giraffe Roundabout! It's free! Each enclosure (or roundabout if you will) is sponsored to allow drivers and pedestrians to enjoy their magnificence for free.

*Some fences present for the more dangerous of beast.
-- jonthegeologist, Jan 30 2007

I like it apart from two things. Car crashes at roundabouts are not uncommon, and you might end up with a Zooabout full of broken legged giraffes, and air pollution would be pretty nasty for the poor beast, if these are busy roads you're talking about.
-- theleopard, Jan 30 2007

Sounds a bit cruel to me.

Although, do this the other way around and I might be tempted to go for this.
-- skinflaps, Jan 30 2007

The concept of a zoo has changed in modern times to providing the captured animals an environment as close to their natural habitats as possible. Exotic animals require highly specialized services to see to it that they have as decent a life as possible. Your concept is pure cruelty to animals and a disdain for them as living creatures. If you want an output for your sadistic instincts why not confine war criminals in roundabouts where they can be slowly tortured by noxious gases and the racket of traffic and the catcalls of passing drivers.
-- JSand, Jan 30 2007

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