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Clear Panels For Cubicle Walls That Reduce Noise

I propose that clear panel attachments be made available that could be used to reduce the noise in the cubicle "farm". An example of this is that we all have conference phones that we rarely use since the sound caries beyond our cubicles. These walls could be retractable.
-- BMCCUE, Sep 26 2005

Cone of Silence http://www.cinerham...rt/innovations.html
In memorial of Don Adams (Maxwell Smart, Agent 86). Born 4/13/1923. Died 9/25/2005 in Los Angeles of a lung infection. [jurist, Sep 26 2005]

A much more superiorer idea is for cubicle farmers to wear clear plastic globes like the helmets of deep sea divers. Inside they could speak freely. When they fogged up, wearers could make faces at people with impunity. Impunity!
-- bungston, Sep 26 2005

Widely Baked. Look in your supply catalog.
-- DrCurry, Sep 26 2005

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