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Listen to music without blocking your hearing

I want earbuds (headphones) that can clip onto cloth using a strong spring clip, or even a safety pin. They could clip to stuff like goggle straps, helmet straps, baseball cap

This allows you to participate in sports (biking, skating, snowboarding, running) and listen to music, but without having the earbud IN your ear... this is especially important for biking, but I think applies to everything else - you need to be able to hear around you. Plus you wouldn't have to worry about the earbud falling out, or getting all sweaty/slimey.

How could this not already exist?

This could easily be extended in the following ways:

- Built in FM radio - allows you to use FM modulator with your music source, for wireless connection

- Bluetooth, to remotely control your music source

- Add a microphone and now it's a cellphone/FRS headset - make it smart enough to mute/pause your music when using the cellphone/FRS

There are some of these products earbud/headset products already, but I've never seen clip-on earbuds. The Oakley Thump sunglasses are sorta related, but not great.
-- aberson, May 09 2005

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