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Secure transactions with your back to the wall.

An adjustable L-shaped rail that extends out from the wall, ending in an LCD screen and keypad at standard navel height. This would be directly opposite, and 2-3 feet from, the dispensing unit mounted in a recess in the wall.

ATM business can now be conducted while facing potential crooks.
You would retrieve your cash by extending your hand slowly backwards while darting your eyes suspiciously from side to side. Later models might use a robotic arm to place the cash directly into your back pocket or handbag.
-- shudderprose, Jul 27 2009

Watch out for crafty robotic arms that are on the take!

If you get your PIN wrong too many times, it could pick you up by the trousers/boxers or wrap around you until the police get there!
-- Skrewloose, Jul 28 2009

This is all very well but you'd never see the trained monkey rapelling down the wall behind you.
-- DrBob, Jul 28 2009

// trained monkey //

So, build it with an armour-glass canopy ....

-- 8th of 7, Jul 28 2009

Totally enclosed like a phone box, with reflective glass walls so you can see out but no-one can see in.
-- pocmloc, Jul 28 2009

Somebody could still rig the ATM machine to ax your arm off instead of dispensing money since you're not looking where you're sticking it.
-- quantum_flux, Jul 28 2009

Very spy vs. spy.
-- wagster, Jul 28 2009

Those infamous French public urinals, where you do your thing in the street with only your torso obscured, could also form a model for this. Especially if you adapted them to a more cubicle-like design.

High on visibility to prevent the lurking of hidden people (legs and shoulders are visible) and providing confirmation that the booth is being used. A completely sealed space is one you could be mugged within with comparative ease.
-- Aristotle, Jul 29 2009

Criminal activity seems to operate on some sort of equilibrium. If you put pressure on this particular criminal activity, other criminal activities will become more prevelant. Like them taking your money after it has been withdrawn, for example.

Of course, this line of sight of your adversary will allow you to deploy either the mace emmiting umbrella of doom, or (and this is my personal favourite) the "ATM-of- ever-spewing- counterfeit- notes". Whereby your transaction amount is obfuscated by 10X multiples of 10X denomination, of said amount, of counterfeit notes. Shirley you will pay your withdrawal amount, to get out of there safely...?
-- 4whom, Jul 29 2009

The French 'pissoir' style cashpoint would be vulnerable to hovering dwarves.
-- Twizz, Jul 31 2009

[4whom] how does the genuine bank customer recognise their cash in the flood of counterfiets?
-- pocmloc, Jul 31 2009

// hovering dwarves. //

Or Flying Monkeys (possibly dressed as little pirates. Or then again, perhaps not).
-- 8th of 7, Jul 31 2009

[pocmloc] the genuine customer should be a couple of clicks away from the system, when it comes to counting...the ever spewing counterfeit is only activated when the customer is under threat. Of course I would trigger it whenever I drew funds, but that is just me...
-- 4whom, Aug 02 2009

I like this idea. Here's some similar:

Cash is surreptitiously deposited in your pocket by now-gainfully-employed expert pickpockets.

Cash, wrapped around an arrow, is delivered to your fleshy parts at high velocity.

A wallet-sized miniature printer, linked wirelessly to your bank and the Federal Reserve, prints money on demand within your pocket.
-- sninctown, Aug 02 2009

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