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Clockwork Orange Juice Dispenser   (+7, -1)  [vote for, against]
For unco-ordinated small children

A clockwork machine that holds a (open) carton of juice, so that when small children want a drink all they have to do is turn the key (and put their cup there). This would have to come with restrictions on it, so that over-enthusiastic kids don't overwind it and end up pouring out all the juice, or so that they only get half cups at a time.

Inspired by a certain 7 year old who managed to tip the last carton of red orange juice in the house all over the kitchen.
-- froglet, Nov 11 2005

From what I've seen of juice dispensers in cafeterias, school and otherwise, that little "(and put their cup there)" is an oft-overlooked step.

You'll still be mopping up!
-- DrCurry, Nov 11 2005

Depending on where you put the emphasis, the title brings up an image of naked ladies in a milk bar.
-- ldischler, Nov 11 2005

Well, I thought of it as like a 'Wallace & Gromit'-esque invention, although I have no idea why. Must've watched that darn movie too many times.
-- froglet, Nov 11 2005

//red orange juice // isn't there some kind of contradiction there
-- daaisy, Nov 11 2005

No, as in orange the fruit, but the type of oranges used in the juice that I drink are coloured red, therefore, 'red orange juice'.
-- froglet, Nov 11 2005

silly me!
-- daaisy, Nov 11 2005

I was expecting a lame echo. Pleasantly surprising. [+]
-- hidden truths, Nov 12 2005

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