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Closet Clean Up Wizard   (+5)  [vote for, against]

A sewn-in RFID tag identifies when you haven't worn an article of clothing for a few years via GPS Sat-Nav logging. An electric current then debonds the polymers in the threads of the fabric (similar to how photochromic glass is switched). The pile of former-clothing dust is then swept up by your closeted Roomba.

It will be a great convenience in keeping a tidy house, at least until war-dialer nudists break your encryption.
-- Laughs Last, Jul 29 2012

Can we do something similar with thermite charges to clean out my garage? [+]
-- Alterother, Jul 29 2012

Yes. But only after we have taken all the good stuff and put in in our garage ...

Ooops, just spotted the flaw in THAT idea ...
-- 8th of 7, Jul 29 2012

With some modification, can the RFID tag be reprogrammed to debond the clothing while traveling via public transportation or while on first dates (as a conversation starter)? It matters not, Baker [Last], I award you a steaming fresh bun for the inspiring thought! [+]
-- Grogster, Jul 29 2012

I thought it was the moths in my closet that did that!
-- xandram, Jul 30 2012

No, the moths plant the RFID tags.
-- Alterother, Jul 30 2012

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