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Putting fuzzy logic to use for your wardrobe

The forcasting thermometers have gotten pretty complicated, they can tell you what the temperature is outside, what the temperature will be and what the weather is (as if you couldn't look out a window for that.) They also can keep track of other things like the pressure and humidity and what they will possibly be. Not only for your area but others as well.

But who really cares? Do you really have a memory of exactly what you were wearing the last time inclement weather of the specified type came around the last time? Did you always guess correctly, or were you two cold, too hot, wet or what have you?

It happens. However, this thermometer will give you an output that you can relate to.

It comes with default settings for an average male or female acclimated to the local area, from there you can add your own name and tweak the settings or personalize the clothing to something specific you have. Perhaps after a certain temperature or for a specific period of time you don't care to bring a rain jacket when it rains. You will delete or add clothing for the condition and it will record it.

Are you a guest and not familiar with the climate, select where you are from and let it try to help you with your day.
-- sartep, Jun 03 2004

<caring, synthetic mother's voice> "And don't forget to wear your galoshes, sweetie."</csmv>
-- FarmerJohn, Jun 04 2004

Layering has always worked for me. On the other hand, a color reader/matcher might not be a bad idea for some people in the morning. +
-- k_sra, Jun 09 2004

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