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For added educational value, candyfloss (US: cotton candy) should be sold in a range of shapes taken from the standard taxonomy of cloud shapes ("I'll have a cumulonimbus for the kids and just a cirrus for me, thanks").
-- hippo, Mar 02 2009

I specifically asked for cumulonimbus, not nimbostratus...
-- saprolite, Mar 02 2009

Given that candyfloss exists more as a string than an agglomeration of droplets, throwing (if throwing is the word I mean) sufficiently accurate shapes will be problematic. However, that problem can be ameliorated by scaling the product up from the usual head of a fat child size candyfloss dollop to something closer to family saloon, or, more excitingly, gable end, as, like impressionism, the larger the canvas, the more easily the broad strokes of the machine can coalesce into recognisable cloud forms. Multiple sticks may be called for. Increased bulk/cost can be explained away by marketing the giant sticky cloud forms as family packs.
-- calum, Mar 02 2009

Candyfloss sounds like a brand of women's underwear. Cloud shapes would not work for that, on an irrelevant note.
-- daseva, Mar 02 2009

[calum] Yes the resolution of candyfloss might be an issue. On the other hand its string-like nature might be a useful demonstration of String Theory.
[daseva] True, cloud-themed underwear doesn't sound very plausible.
-- hippo, Mar 02 2009

AUS: fairy floss [+]
-- superjohn, Mar 03 2009

Warning: Candy floss is not a dental care product.
-- coprocephalous, Mar 03 2009

Interesting [+]. I just re-read The Cloud Sculptors of Coral D by J.G. Ballard last night.
-- jaksplat, Mar 03 2009

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