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History on a Plate

Turn back the tide of healthy eating with a huge, wobbly jelly surmounted by a marzipan figure of the famous Anglo-Viking king, Cnut. Decorate the moulded ridges on the top of the jelly with melting, vanilla ice-cream and give the construction a gentle tap on the side to simulate the famous moment when Cnut tried to stop the sea with a wave of his hand; thus proving that he was not all-powerful. Then pluck the figure from the top and bite his head off. Mmmmm!

Note: There is no actual roasting involved with this product but the pun was too good to be discarded.
-- DrBob, Oct 15 2006

King Cnut http://en.wikipedia...Legend_of_the_waves
Entirely misunderstood. [DrBob, Oct 15 2006]

Nut Roast http://www.recipene...eggie/nut_roast.htm
Entirely delicious! [DrBob, Oct 15 2006]

So, not an explanation for that "burned beaver" taste, compared here: Smokeless_20Cigarette
[Shz, Oct 17 2006]

I thought his name was pronounced like the amphibian, not the tree fruit.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 16 2006

Cnut: not the little man in the boat.
-- reensure, Oct 16 2006

I thought this was a recipe for roasted genitalia.
-- webfishrune, Oct 17 2006

I thought this would be something to do to George W. Bush.
-- eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 05 2009

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