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a walking wind chime

This coat is made from various lightweight metals cut into1/2-rounded shapes like fish scales. A hole is drilled into the top part for attaching. Placed in rows and layered from small to large-each piece is also a musical note when hit with a small mallet. They are attached by hand to an undercoat of durable cloth. These scales are placed a short distance apart all along the back and sides of the coat and the outer portion of the sleeves. There are collar and wrists adornments donned with the soft hanging mallets of assorted lengths. When the wearer walks or moves in any way, the mallets swing in motion and play the scales of the coat, randomly, like a wind chime. The scales may also be played by the wind just wusshhing them around. For drama, the metals can have patinas of color to suggest a 'dragon coat' or a 'serpent coat'. The coat should not be too heavy to wear because of styling and choice of materials.
-- xandram, Jan 30 2006

It's a start. http://images.googl...en%26lr%3D%26sa%3DN
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 30 2006]

nice link [2 fries shy] Looks like a great party shirt. I read that Goliath wore 'scale' armor that weighed over 100 lbs.
-- xandram, Jan 30 2006

[xandram] Got a picture?
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 30 2006

If I was able to draw the things I can 'see' in my imagination.......It would look like some exotic Tibetan robe, with scales larger than the ones in 2 Fries Shy link. The hanging mallets would be fanciful and colorful. I would include all kinds of decorations, like feathers & bells. If I wore it, I would glide and twirl and slither around, and become enraptured in the sound of Zen Wind.
-- xandram, Jan 30 2006

Seems like the scales hanging against cloth would greatly dampen the sound. But still like the idea.
-- riemann_ranger, Jan 30 2006

You are right, [r_r] I suppose some of the scales should overlap to strike against one another.
-- xandram, Jan 31 2006

This would sound/look hideous. Like a loud fish walking about leaving many annoyed expressions in it's wake. Would be cool on the cat walk though. a questionable [+]
-- shinobi, Feb 01 2006

I'm taking /hideous/ as a compliment if meant in the way to Shock/Annoy and other wise wake up the daily drab world. Thank you.
-- xandram, Feb 01 2006

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