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Cold Bomb   (+2, -5)  [vote for, against]
Use compressed gas to disperse riots

Captain O'Irish stood behind the three rows of his finist officers who were doing their best to hold back the crowds. Suddenly a rock arced over the ranks and struck Captain O'Irish in the shoulder, narrowly missing his head.

"This is getting ugly, we need to get these people back. O'Dougle! get the cold bomb"

O'Dougle obliges by collecting a series of pipe-like tubes, that looked very heavy.

"O'Shamus, give him a hand with those before he drops one"

O'Shamus obliges and it's not long before the pipes are extended along the ground under the legs of the officers valiantly holding back the crowd.

"Release" said O'Irish

with a mighty woosh the valves on the end of each of the pipes was released and the 200atm of pressure inside was let out under the crowd. Those directly above it were knocked off their feet while those behind felt the wave of cold air push them back. As the air was expanding no-one suffered any burns although there was one unfortunate person who had to be treated for a mild case of decrompression sickness.

O'Irish would later recall that day as the worst Apple release that he had seen, "but thank the Pope for those cold bombs"
-- miasere, Aug 02 2007

Do you like sweet better than cold? Custard-filled_20ch...Bangalore_20Torpedo
In fact, herein [krelnik] even posits a compressed air version. [lurch, Aug 02 2007]

So you're blowing down the crowd with compressed air (in the meantime blinding quite a few people with high speed dust). But how do you snake these pressure tubes under the crowd without them noticing? (This whole thing may be a setup for the joke at the end, but I don't get it.)
-- ldischler, Aug 02 2007

you can't put pipes under a crowds feet.
-- dentworth, Aug 02 2007

not under their feet, but between their feet. It doesnt matter if they notice - Its meant to make them move back so if they see and move then the problem has been overted.

As for the dust, beats tear gas.
-- miasere, Aug 02 2007

A rubber tube can take 200atm, that's what SCUBA tubes have running through them. Anyway, can't this be achieved with a grenade?
-- marklar, Aug 02 2007

Have you ever seen a riot? It's an ugly, chaotic experience. I have seen burning cars driven at soldiers lined up behind saracen armoured cars, amidst showers of half bricks, metal bars, petrol bombs, blast bombs, and acid filled bottles. This is idea is for the comic books.
-- xenzag, Aug 02 2007

Xenxag: That's nothing. Try having children.
-- rodti, Aug 02 2007

Is that a very heavy crowd control pipe-like tube extending along the ground under your legs, or are you just happy to see me?
-- bungston, Aug 02 2007

He's describing a Bangalore Torpedo, of a different variety from that espoused by our dangerous but beloved munitionist, [8th of 7]. <link>
-- lurch, Aug 02 2007

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