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Science: Health: Hygiene
Colonics Party   (0)  [vote for, against]
Detoxify in a Communal Colonic Convention

Fans of Colonic Irrigation and general enemic practicioners can congregate for an Annual Colonic Convention where they can gather around and practice colonics in one huge auditorium. Special facilities with tubes dropping down from the ceiling will have to be set up, lage buckets, basins and colanders made available. Stall owners can sell food supplements, psylium seed husk, ground loofah, lactobacilli, spirulina etc. and special single use "enemas-in-a-bottle" (coffee, garlic, etc.)
-- mailtosalonga, Jul 15 2004

Enemafest http://www.enemalov...m/efestchicago.html
[thumbwax, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

my gut feeling about this is mainly negative.
-- po, Jul 15 2004

I am unable to explain how relieved I am to discover that a Google search for "communal colonic irrigation" returns no records.
-- angel, Jul 15 2004

27,800 for colonic party - I aint voting for 'em
-- po, Jul 15 2004

Why not? At least you know that they're not full of it.
-- half, Jul 15 2004

Got some ideas stuck inside you [mailtosalonga] and having trouble getting them out?
-- normzone, Jul 15 2004

har har. Haarrrr *heave*
-- mailtosalonga, Jul 15 2004

how very true, half.
-- po, Jul 15 2004

sp: Cholera Party
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Jul 15 2004

The health benifits of colonics are still up in the air, some studys argue that they help the body, some say it can be damnaging.. the most common belief amongst medical professionals here is that with limited use they can clear up a few specific colon and intestinal problems, but that's about it.

However, there is a pretty big base of people who use colonics as a sexual stimuli, and to that point there probably already IS a colonics convention. (find your own link... i kinda don't want to search for this one)
-- photojunkie, Jul 15 2004

I think you have to have the intestinal fortitude for this sought of thing
-- tasman, Jul 16 2004

Re: thumbwax's link : I often, no, someti, no seldom wondered what proctologists do for fun.
-- dentworth, Jul 16 2004

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