Product: Trash Bag
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#@*%?! The wrong end again?! Arrrgh!

Life would be a lot easier with this. Well, at least a small part of it would be. Of course, you're probably thinking, "It's always the same end if you open it the same way," but what about the times you don't? I encountered this problem a lot today as I was handed trashbags right and left (my somewhat lazy brother handed them to me, so of course they weren't opened...) and picking up spare trashbags off the floor. If this was done, I could actually save three whole minutes of my life... And I know that the trashbags that have the pullstrings are colored, but they only color the pullstrings, not the entire bag, and we don't use these kind of bags, so I don't even have that advantage. *sigh*
-- ghillie, Feb 16 2004

Gets my bun - don't know if its already been done, but it gets my bun.
-- Letsbuildafort, Feb 16 2004

<optimistic> Another auto bun! Is this a trend or something?</o>
-- ghillie, Feb 16 2004

mAYBe; ]blithmissss} Wh0 Dr. Peppered the spIKE?.
-- ghillie, Feb 16 2004

<recovers> Yeah, [UB], all the ones that I have seen do. But they're not too obvious at a glance.
-- ghillie, Feb 16 2004

The bags provided in my grocers produce aisle had "open" with arrows pointing at the wrong end. So it's been halfbaked, for real. I fought one of those suckers for at least 30 seconds.[+]
-- oxen crossing, Feb 16 2004

N@thurallly, mister UNABubbbba! *hic* Passs thath thoda pleath... *hic*
-- ghillie, Feb 16 2004

I'm too lazy to search but I could have sworn this has been done.
-- nomadic_wonderer, Feb 17 2004

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