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Make urban life more colourful.

Imagine a city planning policy where everything built in a particular year had to be a certain colour. Each year, a different colour would be sanctioned, and every house, factory, school, shop, and office block built in that year would be built in that colour. So would roads, lamp posts, park benches, and street furniture.

The world would be Technicolor, the city would be blatantly living and organic, citizens would be able to walk through their history, and from the air, the town would look like a giant Petri dish, with spores of development and neglect, boom and bust, orange and lilac clear for all to see.

Who needs grey anyway?
-- Fishrat, Feb 16 2004

Colorful Kerry http://www.cjacobso...LogPages/Kerry.html
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Beautiful Burano http://www.travelin...casanova/burano.jpg
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Bright Burano http://www.sereniss...t/images/burano.jpg
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The colourful seafront of Tobermory http://www.tobermor...mory_waterfront.htm
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The Wombles
All about our recycling friends [hazel, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

[kinemojo, Aug 31 2007]

Street repairs would be especially gaudy. Sounds like sensory overload to me.
-- MuddyBuddy, Feb 16 2004

Some cities have that kind of spirit. The one I live in ain't one of them. *sniff* [links]
-- k_sra, Feb 16 2004

Bristol's got some colour ... but my favourite has to be Tobermory, Isle of Mull. Linky.
-- jonthegeologist, Feb 17 2004

Wasn't he a womble?
-- Fishrat, Feb 17 2004

certainly was ... ah, memories
-- jonthegeologist, Feb 17 2004

-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 17 2004

Wombles were characters in a series of kids books by Elizabeth Beresford which were subsequently made into a TV series much beloved of children of the 70s.

They lived on Wimbledon Common (which is in SW London although in the books they later moved to Hyde Park) and used to collect rubbish and recycle it. When a Womble got to a certain age they were allowed to pick their name from Great Uncle Bulgaria's atlas, hence Tobermory, Omsk, Orinoco and chums.
-- hazel, Feb 17 2004

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