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Sport: Commentary
Comedy Commentators   (+6)  [vote for, against]
An extra option

For some football matches in the World Cup, BBC viewers could choose whether to listen to the TV commentators, the radio commentators, or just the crowd noise.

Why not include an extra option - comedy commentators?

Com-comms would be comedians, encouraged to be funny while (at least vaguely) commentating on the game. Some might stick closely to the action as their source of inspiration, while others might frequently go off on wilder, more surreal tangents.

Admittedly some commentators in some sports do this to some extent, but com-comms would be free to be as funny as possible.

Some comedians might not be up for it, but others would, and it could also be an opportunity for some up-and-coming comedians to make a name for themselves. Most comedians might not have enough fall-back material for more than a match or two (and in any case, there aren't enough comedians in the world to cover all the live football that gets shown these days), so this might work best once a week, with a different com-comm each week. And of course, it could also be done for other sporting events such as tennis tournaments.

Who would you rather listen to:

Clive Tyldesley or Eddie Izzard? No question - *click*.

Mark Lawrenson or Frank Skinner? Hmm.. tough choice.

John Motson or - *click*.
-- imaginality, Dec 29 2006

the Ashes have been lacking something... not sure if its comedy though.
-- po, Dec 29 2006

'Somethings', plural, have been lacking, I'd say. On the plus side it has given us (= England supporters) back that familiar sense of gloomy futility, briefly sprinkled with desperate optimism, growing into genuine rays of hope, before plunging back into numb despair. Almost like the return of an old friend, those feelings.

And I think both England innings in the 4th test would have been more bearable with Jack Dee commentating.
-- imaginality, Dec 29 2006

While having a comedian comment a football game seems fun at first, there are only so many football jokes, and most of them aren't that funny. A comedian must have a wide range of topics. The network would run out of comedians with something new to say pretty fast, and the comedy would start to wander off to other topics; soon, the whole show would be just another stand-up comedy act, only with a football game instead of a brick wall as the background. A good way of keeping informed of the game score while doing something else, but not exactly watching football.

Having comedians comment on highlights of the week's games could be better. But in that case, the show would soon deterriorate into yet another "funniest home videos" or "funniest sports bloopers" or the like:

"Oh my, I hope I won't miss. Oh my, I missed. Oh dear. There goes my soda endorsement contract." Or, "Oh my, I scored. Hellooooo, soda endorsement deals!"

(dubbed in a high-pitched voice every single clip)

Not really bun material.
-- Veho, Dec 29 2006

The Daily Show comes to sports, I guess.

Get your friends together and run it as a web service - should get plenty of eyeballs.
-- DrCurry, Dec 29 2006

Kind of like the show "Cheap Seats" on ESPN with Jason and Randy Sklar(i think) except in real time. I like it.
-- jhomrighaus, Dec 29 2006

Community radio station 3-RRR in Melbourne has had comedians doing commentary of the annual Australian Rules football grand final for many years now. You'd watch the TV broadcast with the sound off and listen to the commentary on the radio.
-- BunsenHoneydew, Dec 30 2006

//Comedy Commentators //
"He's proceeding to tell the 'Chicken crossed the road' joke... As you recall he was very successful with this one in St. Louis back in 1995, and yes, the audience is loving it. Now he's pausing for effect - and yes! There's his bug-eyed face! We've been waiting for him to do this all evening. Mike, did you expect him to do the bug-eyed face during this performance?"
-- phundug, Jan 01 2007

Roy and HG (Aussie "commedians") do a fantastic job of commentating the state-of-origin rugby league games in Australia. They televise over a nationwide radio station, (tripple-J), and you simply turn the volume down on the telly and turn the radio up.

always far more entertaining than the useless slobs they normally have on.

So, baked, but not to the scope in which you imagine.

More of it, I say.

-- Custardguts, Jan 02 2007

@[phlish] Dennis Miller

and yeah he sucked
-- craigts, Jan 02 2007

Who needs commedians when you have football players?? Sure they're not too quick in the wit department, but give them a ball and a few others like them and you could watch and laugh at them all evening.. wait.. don't we already do that..?

yeah, we call it match of the day
-- deoxyribonucleic, Jan 03 2007

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