Science: Space Energy
Comic Background Radiation   (+3)  [vote for, against]

This idea is of course the end-point for people making a Google search with a specific typo. This idea also finds value in the chaotic noise of deep space radiation. The background radiation from the big bang, 13.7 billion years ago, can be listened to as an infinite series of random data. It is probable in this endless sea of data that fragments of meaningful text can be picked out. Eventually one might find a fragment of text that reads as a joke. In an infinite quantity of random data you may find the best joke ever told. Of course, this may have already happened, in the billions of years we haven't been paying close attention to this comic background radiation, but we'll never know.
-- hippo, Mar 06 2023

paradoxically funny ...
... only because it's not funny [pertinax, Mar 06 2023]

Library of Babel
An infinite number of jokes, if you can find them [Voice, Mar 06 2023]

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"If you build it they will succumb"
-- xenzag, Mar 06 2023

// fragments of meaningful text can be picked out //

-- whatrock, Mar 06 2023

Help, I'm being held prisoner in a swirling cloud of primordial quark matter!
-- a1, Mar 06 2023

-- pertinax, Mar 06 2023

I thought the existence of the universe WAS the joke.
-- pocmloc, Mar 06 2023

Personally, I've always thought the neutrino background was funnier - and had more original material - than those infrared and microwave johnny-come-lately copycats.
-- a1, Mar 06 2023

//If you build it they will succumb//

Marked For Tagline! (do we still do that??)
-- Canuck, Mar 07 2023

Combined with data from the Large Hadron Collander, we’ll be well along the path towards solving the universe’s mysteries. The important ones.
-- swimswim, Mar 07 2023

//If you build it they will succumb//

Marked For Tagline! (do we still do that??)

Who's gonna tell him? You know the part about jutta coming to the home of anyone that does "that" and chopping off their fingers...oh wait...I think I might be dreaming or something, or maybe watching too much Netflix. maybe it's ok?
-- blissmiss, Mar 09 2023

[bliss] there's only one way to find out for sure... say the word and then wait to see what happens
-- pocmloc, Mar 10 2023

That would explain why I'm typing with my nose.
-- pertinax, Mar 11 2023

//That would explain why I'm typing with my nose//

[Raises a quizzical eyebrow]

[Raises it a bit higher for emphasis]

[Puts it back in the pickle jar then rummages around under [perts] desk and fishes out an empty bottle of jack]

-- Skewed, Mar 11 2023

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