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Sport: Commentary
Commentator sports   (+2, -5)  [vote for, against]
I get the feeling that may only be me who wants this one

Basically it would be normal sports, but where you could hear the commentators and what they were saying. Whether this would result in the commentators thinking about what they are about to say, or the players becoming more self concious and paranoid I don't know. But I think it would be interesting to find out.
-- kaz, Feb 20 2002

Do you mean like stream of thought? "Heres the pitch, boy that was bad, and he is getting really too old to play this sport, can you believe they pay him so much, strike, what a bad call............."?? Otherwise you've lost me too.
-- rbl, Feb 20 2002

Allow me to clarify by picking up on petersealy's annotation: The people involved in the actual playing of the sport will more often than not be unable to hear the commentators, despite the PA systems located at the grounds.

[rbl] has got the rightish idea. blissmiss: I won't call you stupid, because I don't feel I've been around here long enough to justify it.
-- kaz, Feb 20 2002

I must be stupid because I don't understand who it is who gets to hear the commentators.
-- bristolz, Feb 20 2002

P.A.'s aren't used by TV/Radio Commentators.
In a Pro Basketball game - only time P.A. is used is to introduce players or during National Anthem.
To implement kaz's plan, you would need to have T.V./Radio Commentators yakking not only to TV/Radio audience, but also to players by miking them for such and directing P.A. or Monitors towards playing floor in order to achieve desired effect.
-- thumbwax, Feb 20 2002

No, but you're recursing again, again.

It might be interesting to add a psychological element to some games, but I'm not sure how big an impact it would have. Especially when you consider that the commentators will know the players can hear what they're saying and will govern themselves accordingly.
-- phoenix, Feb 20 2002

Thumbwax: thank you for understanding it properly Blissmiss: cheers for the compliment (I think thats how it was meant to be recieved), and my ideas are clear, just only if you happen to be me.
-- kaz, Feb 20 2002

//T.V./Radio...// anyhoo, there was a great bit Phil Hendrie at KFI AM640 used to do - he'd imitate voices of a Vin Scully (L.A. Dodgers Pro Baseball Announcer) type and some schmo partner... They'd be doing 'play-by-play' while telling stories about what they saw in the Player Hotel Rooms, etc. Hilarious, and Dodgers made 'em stop. Weasels.
-- thumbwax, Feb 21 2002

Although I understand the concept of this idea (thanks 'wax), I don't see that it would make watching sport any more enjoyable for the spectators. In fact, if anything, it would degrade the quality of the entertainment because the players would be constantly distracted by the commentary going on in their ears all the time. So, fishbone.
-- DrBob, Feb 21 2002

when someone starts talking about sport, their brain becomes rerouted past their nether regions, they always end up talking complete garbage. ADD ON - except Dr Bob who can talk garbage in any subject.
-- po, Feb 21 2002

I take exception to that comment, po.
-- DrBob, Feb 21 2002

Commentator # 1: po's "trash-talking" DrBob
Commentator # 2: And the DrBob don't like it
In Unison: Rock The Casbah, Rock the Casbah - The DrBob don't like it
P.A. System: Feeeeeedback
-- thumbwax, Feb 21 2002

<dignified silence>
-- DrBob, Feb 22 2002

<wait>for po to come to senses during/after Holiday.</wait>
-- thumbwax, Feb 22 2002

yawn, where am I, what planet is this. "Oh my god, did I write that? sorry Dr Bob I meant to say that you are erudite on every subject especially football, sorry golf, no CRICKET,"
-- po, Feb 22 2002

By the way, why does the word "commentator" exist at all? What's wrong with "commenter?" They don't commentate; they comment.
-- snarfyguy, Feb 23 2002

The Greys themselves may be at your doorstep to deal with you, po
-- thumbwax, Feb 23 2002

This is all backwards. 'Commentator sports' should be an event where the commentators--those annoying fellows who pretend they know sooooooo much more than the people actually playing the game--get down on the floor or out in the field or onto the ice and try to play the sport whilst some athletes sit in padded chairs in a nice sound booth and dissect their abysmal performance.
-- Dog Ed, Feb 24 2002

so agree with you Dog Ed. BTW I thought the greys were aliens.
-- po, Feb 24 2002

They're 'commentators' because any random loser can comment on something, but you have to be a failed football player to be able to commentate it...
-- StarChaser, Feb 24 2002

Starchaser's right, of course, some of the best commentators were indeed expert athletes in the sport they are now comentating. I was (mostly) just being snarky.
-- Dog Ed, Feb 24 2002

Those that can't compete commentate.
-- bluerowan, Feb 25 2002

How about if the Commentators give play-by-play as they themselves are playing... with No extra time to catch breath.
-- thumbwax, Feb 25 2002

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