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cars owned by everybody and nobody

This isn't so much an invention, its just an idea for how things could 'be'.

Let's say nobody owned a car of their own - it wouldn't be possible, car ownership didn't exist. Instead, we would have communal cars. These communal cars would be owned by everybody - you'd get in a car, left there by whoever last used it, press a button to start it, and drive to your destination. Then you leave the car parked up, and off you go - no need for alarm systems, no need to worry if your car's going to be stolen. Then, when its time to come home, you simply go into the street, get in the nearest available car, and off you go! There would have to be some sort of identification system, perhaps a card swipe, so that your driver details would be recorded, in case the car was used in a crime or involved in an accident. I know there would be some people who would get out of a car, leaving it empty of petrol, but I believe it would become the norm to make sure there's petrol left in the car, because you never know if you're going to use the same car yourself later on.

There's the idea...whaddya think?
-- Kaggo, Aug 24 2001

City Car Share
You use the car only when you need it. [greasepig, Aug 24 2001]

Similar idea, less absolute, with more technology thrown in. [jutta, Aug 24 2001]

But if I didn't own my car for my own exclusive use where would I keep the clutter of cassette tapes, maps, old shoes and goodness knows what that's stored in my car? I'd have to carry it all round with me in a clutterbag, which would greatly detract from my quality of life. The system of picking up the nearest available car and then dropping it off at your destination sort of exists at the moment in the form of taxis.
-- Skinny Rob, Aug 25 2001

PING! I can make things disappear!! (I can also spell!)

Hmmm, good thinking. I didn't reckon with the clutter (I've got a lot myself too - including the shoes! I thought I was the only one, its such a relief!)... perhaps we could have communal clutter?

Then again, clutterbags could become big business.

My only worry is that car boot sales might become a thing of the past.
-- Kaggo, Aug 25 2001

My, you respond so quickly... you must be glued to that little screen of yours, Ron lad.

I've got to say, where-ever you live, I wouldn't wanna live there, particularly in your street, it honestly sounds too dangerous and depressing. I feel relatively safe and happy in my third world city.

Reading between the lines... you seem very scared of something, am I right?

(Off to my car boot pitch)
-- Kaggo, Aug 25 2001

UnaBubba - were they really? Which concept do you mean - the no trunk 3 cylinder?

Was it baked and left to spoil?
-- Kaggo, Aug 25 2001

There might be a problem with people getting up really early and putting their towels out on car seats to claim them for later.
-- Kaggo, Aug 25 2001

See the link. We do something like it here in The City. You still have to pay for it, but no one needs a car all the time.
-- greasepig, Aug 29 2001

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