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Product: Transport
Commuter Pants   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Turn standing into sitting

Stuck without a place to sit on the bus or train? With Commuter Pants, equipped with extra stitching and a few D-rings just snap on a sling, clip to overhead handrail, adjust height with a sliding buckle, a la suspenders, and give your legs a rest. Think sling chair as part of pants.
-- Steamboat, Nov 28 2011

This is baked, but I'm struggling to find a link for it. There was a press release marketing it at japanese commuters, letting them sleep standing up on the way to work.
-- mitxela, Nov 28 2011

Baked you say? Google 'chindogu': the Japanese are most excellent at this and several compilations exist.
-- Steamboat, Feb 23 2015

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