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Complimentary Book Jacket Pants   (+5, -1)  [vote for, against]
Improves the overall intimate experience of reading.

As all lovelorn introverted readers know, contemporary media has largely sated innate sexual desire with a superabundance of widely available images of empty human forms for wanking.

However, for those that rather desire content over form there are jacketed books all dressed up with nowhere to go at the local library or bookstore, or an infinitesimal portion of the living human population scattered about in obscurity.

Nonetheless, content does not completely render form obsolete. Often integrative interfacing with a text is mundane, for once a book jacket is removed the courtship is complete and the reader's way can be had.

Underneath every book jacket should be a matching and well-fitted pair of trousers. These can be of a crotchless variety that are only worn by the covers and zippered at the spine, or a full pair that takes an equal number of the total pages into each leg.
-- rcarty, Dec 28 2010

It took three readings, but I think I got it. [+], for the insanity of the idea. I'd go for the full pair, howver they will be discarded along with the jacket, for my library is entirely naked.
-- MikeD, Dec 28 2010

[+] for making me try to calculate the world population of people clad solely in jackets at this moment
-- GutPunchLullabies, Dec 28 2010

[+] for sheer undiluted lunacy.
-- 8th of 7, Dec 28 2010

For some reason only the Oxford Unabridged Dictionary and other similarly-sized works satisfy me...
-- RayfordSteele, Jan 03 2011

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