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Compound Cooker   (-2)  [vote for, against]
Heating and serving in one pot

A classy, decorative ceramic pot, aesthetically suitable for table service, enclosed in a robust, removable, tightly-fit steel shell. Store together, prepare food in the compound pot, remove inner ceramic for immediate service.

Yes, I'm a bachelor. The problem being addressed here is that of cooking in one pot and then transferring to another for service and/or storage, thereby requiring twice the dishwashing. And yes, I do know about crock pots, but they don't do the same kind of short-term, high temperature cooking that stovetops enable, and they are generally much oversized for service, considering the quantity of food contained.
-- absterge, Jan 20 2005

Le Creuset http://www.lecreuse...n/international.asp
The Risotto pan and the Karahi are suitable for your purpose..? [prufrax, Jan 20 2005]

Ah I see - you want effectively a saucepan that converts into a dish.

What you want is the enamelled cast-iron stuff you get from Le Creuset.

See link for some pots suitable for tabletop and stovetop use.
-- prufrax, Jan 20 2005

"Named for the noted French chef and inventor Gerarde D'Croque, I call this invention a Crock Pot!"
-- contracts, Jan 20 2005

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