Sport: Projectile
Computer Skeet   (+1, -1)  [vote for, against]
Skeet or Traps shoot using old appliances

Clay pigeons are small and unexciting to shoot at, and shooting at real animals is offensive to many, so why not kill two birds (sorry) with one stone and get rid of old appliances, computers, monitors, toasters,etc. in a spectacular and exciting way. Build a catapult to hurl them sky-high and blow them away. Special clothing might be needed as well as goggles. Anyone that has it in for Bill Gates could have a field day.
-- yunohu, Jul 08 2001

yes... just so long as its not MY apliances...
-- RobertKidney, Jul 08 2001

Pretty funny. I'm the kind of shot that NEEDS a washer to shoot at :) seriously, recycling in action.
-- zahc, Apr 10 2003

There's bad stuff in old PCs, so make sure you pick up all the pieces. Otherwise, have fun. I'll bet you could charge IT workers for this.
-- Madcat, Apr 10 2003

At skeet-shooting distances, most target-shooting loads really wouldn't do enough to many types of common objects. Pigeons are designed to break, and they're launched spinning rapidly to further encourage that. I've not tried skeet shooting with full-fledged hunting loads, but most skeet ranges aren't designed for such (shotguns are an exception to the general rule of never shooting without a backstop, since small shot sizes will fall to earth before travelling too far; larger shot sizes can travel considerably further).
-- supercat, Apr 10 2003

This would be cool with some sort of Gatling cannon with tracer cannon balls.
-- Micky Dread, Apr 10 2003

WARNING: Always Make Back Up File Before Catapulting Computer Into Air.
-- phundug, Apr 11 2003

AOL disks could be used instead of 'pigions'.
-- my-nep, Dec 04 2003

You would have to give them more weight ... their flight path over long distances can be quite irregular
-- Letsbuildafort, Dec 04 2003

I propose this be done with PlayStation 2s for X box fans because most people with X boxs hate Playstation 2. Just like the rivalalry between Mac and PC.
-- JCL2004, Dec 04 2003

I think the best part would be if you hit a cathode ray tube in an old moniter or TV. BOOM!
-- Space-Pope, Dec 05 2003

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