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Business: Cubicle
Cone of Freshness   (+3)  [vote for, against]
Activated charcoal cubicle walls

The office has to be built from the ground up with the HVAC cold air return system under the floor. Every few feet are some ports where you can snap in an activated charcoal cubicle wall. These hold the walls in place, and are also the connection for the filters built into the cubicle walls.

Whenever the HVAC system turns on, stinky co-worker smells are drawn into their cone of freshness instead of around the office. Filters can be replaced as necessary.
-- Mr Burns, Apr 02 2004

Please make sure to include in the orientation that this is no substitute for bathing.
-- Letsbuildafort, Apr 02 2004

As lbaf notes, activated charcoal is no magic cure-all.
-- DrCurry, Apr 02 2004

Charred Mr. Burns is a charcoal activist.
-- FarmerJohn, Apr 02 2004

//As lbaf notes, activated charcoal is no magic cure-all.//

Neither is bathing in cologne instead of water.
-- Mr Burns, Apr 02 2004

Could also help to get rid of obnoxious lunch smells from the microwave in the kitchen corner.
-- kbecker, Apr 02 2004

That's an interesting thought. Does anyone make a smell filtering microwave oven? There are non-ducted type range hoods with charcoal filters.
-- half, Apr 02 2004

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